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Train Travel Train Travel in USA can take you from New York to Orlando, Chicago to San Francisco, Los Angeles to Seattle and to America’s most cherished National Parks. The beauty of train travel is it is not about the wonderful destinations but rather about the splendor and excitement of the journey.

Today, most people choose to fly through the journey, missing America’s small towns, majestic mountains and magnificent coastlines along the way. Yet, it is the journey between the origin and destination where the real discoveries are made. Train Travel in the USA gives people a peek at places only accessible by rail and relatively few ever experience.

Train Travel in USA is a 2,436 mile adventure on Amtrak’s California Zephyr from Chicago, Illinois to Emeryville, California (San Francisco). Schedule for scenery the California Zephyr takes passengers over the Mississippi River on its way to Denver and the Front Range of the Rockies, then climbs into mountains, across the Continental Divide through the 6 mile Moffat Tunnel where the train tracks meet the Colorado River for 238 miles, traversing 5 canyons. The California Zephyr continues through California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, cresting Donner Pass on its way to Emeryville (San Francisco).

Train Travel in USA is not only the California Zephyr, but also other scenic routes, such as the Adirondack traveling north from the hustle and bustle of New York City across the border on its way to Montreal in Canada. Train Travel in USA is the Coast Starlight from Los Angeles, California to Seattle, Washington which covers over 1,389 miles and miles of Pacific Coastline. Train Travel in USA is the Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle, Washington across the northern United States, through such national treasures as Glacier National Park, Montana. Train Travel in USA is the Southwest Chief which will take you to the Grand Canyon on your way to Los Angeles. Train Travel in USA is the coast-to-coast Sunset Limited from Los Angeles to Orlando, Florida via Houston, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Train Travel in USA is also about the short routes that can take you from city center to city center while you relax and enjoy the ride. Amtrak’s Acela Express, America’s favorite high speed train, will takes you from Washington, DC to New York, NY and on to Boston, MA in style and comfort.

Train travel in the Midwest is a spoke and hub system with Chicago at the center point. Whether traveling by rail is taking you from Michigan, Milwaukee, Bloomington-Normal, Illinois or as far away as New York, New Orleans, Vancouver, BC you will most definitely stop at Chicago’s Union Station. Once in Chicago, train trips to the eastern, western and southern Unites States on Amtrak long-distance service is a regular occurrence.

Train Travel in USA is about the journey and Vacations By Rail makes the planning easy. From booking the trains, hotels, attractions, there is no better way to see America and beyond. To Book Your Vacation By Rail today, call 1-877-9BY-RAIL.

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